Reach New Heights at Apex Aerial Arts

Upcoming Show: Stardust

Apex is thrilled to announce the first performance through our Artist Incubator Series.  Allegra Bliss Searle-LeBel is bringing her collaborative art piece, Stardust, to the Apex Studio.

A night out in space, where we are more than the sum of all we do not yet know.Immersive art about people working together to push the limits of human experience. Join us for playful, interactive exploration combining dance, music, and visions of space hallucinated by artificial intelligence algorithms.

Show Dates: May 19th an 20th

Tickets Coming Soon

Workshop:  Rolling up and down with C-Shapes

Instructor: Terry Crane

Rolling up is about learning how to use your core strength and flexibility, as well as organizing your body to use balance and weight to your advantage. In this 2 hour long workshop, we begin on the ground, and learn a progression of exercises to which will break down the technique to roll up the rope. As time permits, we’ll work on a variety of knots and styles of rolling up the rope.

Prerequisites:1 year of rope or tissue training, ability to do 4 pull-ups, ability to do 8 bent-arm, or 4 straight-arm straddle-ups, and windmill like a champion.

Date: June 21st

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Where:  Arcadia

Cost: $65

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