Dynamic Rope – Emiliano Ron


How to beat into your favorite tricks on rope with Emiliano Ron.

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Workshop: Dynamic Rope
When: 9am – 11am, Monday & Tuesday, Dec 10th & 11th
Where: Arcadia, Founder’s Studio
How Much: $110
Rope hands
How to beat into your favorite tricks
Instructor Bio:
Emiliano Ron is a natural born explorer.
From an academic education in Cinematographic Arts, as a montajist and photography director on documentary film, he began to immerse himself in a particular aesthetic that he put into shape through different techniques associated with different languages, both aesthetic and physical.
With an adolescence marked by literature, martial arts and the South American underground, he inhabits different transversal areas of the counter culture where he puts his principles into shape: the struggle for human rights, punk rock and skateboarding.
With the daily habit of exploring the limit, he begins to investigate different circus aerial techniques that lead him to be an eminence in the subject, developing a raw and wild style, which today bears his name. The Rope Master.
He currently works around the world teaching his own Rope technique and participates in different artistic projects linking the visual arts, contemporary thinking and circus scene.


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