ADDED CLASS – Sling Drop Shop – Holly Ann Jarvis


All things slack drops & tumble downs on the aerial sling!

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Workshop: Sling Drop Shop
When: 7pm – 9pm, Sun, Dec 9th
Where: Arcadia, Founder Studio
How Much: $60
This workshop is for intermediate/advanced aerial students only. [Must be able to climb & aerial invert repetitively without assistance and have good body awareness/spatial orientation].
All things slack drops & tumble downs on the aerial sling!
Instructor Bio:
Holly Ann Jarvis is a wife, professional pole & aerial artist, performer and instructor living in Northern Utah, USA. She is renowned as an aerial hammock/sling pioneer and since 2011 her work has influenced thousands of aerialists across the globe. Her athletic background stems from a competitive, record-breaking swimming career. Her knowledge and experience as the Head Coach of a competitive youth swim team for five years prior to aerial training has enriched her teaching methods and skill set within the aerial community.
Growing up in a single-parent, military family for a good portion of her childhood, her desires to take dance classes were met with opposition from a lack of opportunity or funds. She found an artistic outlet and passion for visual arts at a young age and for fifteen years, contemporary art-making in the form of painting and drawing took precedence over performing arts. Her work has been exhibited across the state of Utah and In 2012, she graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2D media from Weber State University. In her senior year of undergrad she found pole & aerial dance. Aerial hammock / sling was an apparatus she took to immediately and began to realize how under appreciated it was within the aerial community. It seemed hammock was viewed as a mere “starting point” and the “easier” aerial route vs. aerial silks. It became her mission to showcase aerial sling as its own unique, exquisite performance apparatus. Post-graduation, she took a full-time position working for her Alma Mater, managing community outreach and helping students succeed in the visual arts as an advisor. In this position she was able to further expand her experience in marketing, event planning, community outreach/organization, branding, web & graphic design. Holly is now a full-time aerial dance professional. She is a resident performer with Salt Lake City cirque company, Voodoo Productions and does traveling instruction and performances across the world. She is an adjunct faculty professor at Weber State University and the Aerial Director at Hana Studio (West Haven, UT).


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